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terms and conditions

Welcome to, this Website provides online booking services for campsites and caravans.


Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions


There are a few things we want you to know about our camp so that you and other campers can enjoying staying with us.


  • Nomads Rest Caravan and Bushcamp is set on 6 acres of bush, has hazards such as Silver Gums (Widow Makers), Causeways, Spoon drains, Creek, 3 dams, tree roots, uneven ground and other hazards, so due care must be taken. 

  • Do not park under any Gum Tree’s, branches drop straight down.

  • There are also unsecured natural waterways with submerged logs, so jumping and diving is prohibited. It is also your responsibility to supervise any children in your care, especially around water. Your campfire and the safety of others around is your responsibility.

  • Watch where you walk, we do have snakes around.  Keep annexes and tents closed up.

  • All campfires must be put out with water before retiring at night.   Do not tip hot coals onto the ground, management will empty your fire pit each day.  Do not leave a campfire unattended


  • Noise – We are a family campground and ask you to consider noise levels into the evenings for your neighbours. Loud music is not permitted. People who do not abide by our rules and have no consideration for others are evicted from our grounds.

  • Guests who do not turn up with the appropriate off-grid amenities (porta-loo and water) will be asked to leave and no refund given.  Our website clearly states Self-contained camping only.

  • Generators allowed, but please be considerate of your neighbours.


  • Pets to always remain on a leash.


  • Please follow any directions given in case of an emergency ie. fire or flood.   Muster point is at the tree in the middle of the driveway


  • As part of the registration process, or as part of your continued use of the Services, you may be required to provide personal information about yourself (such as identification or contact details), including:


 Email address

 Preferred username

 Mailing address

 Telephone number


 Pet Type, Details over a vehicle, details of a van, camper trailer or boat 

 Bookings will not be accepted from persons under the age of 18yrs  


  • Refund and Cancellation Policy

Off-Peak All cancelled bookings will be charged 2% of the total booking. 

High Season If more than 14 days’ notice of cancellation is given, the deposit is refundable minus an $8 administration fee.

If a booking is cancelled within 14 days of arrival the deposit/booking is non-refundable.

  • Insurance

Nomads Rest has farm/liability insurance to cover farm stay related activities on our property.

Nomads Rest will not be responsible for
Your Pets

Your children

Your property

Your visitors

Injury caused by falling objects

Injury caused whilst under the influence of Alcohol, Drugs or irresponsible behaviour will not be covered by any insurance

For all camping and accommodation types: Please note before booking that the weather is out of our control and if you choose to cancel your booking due to weather conditions there will be no refund unless we deem it unsafe to have guests onsite which would result in business closure for certain dates.


  • Copyright and Intellectual Property

The Website, the Services at Nomads Rest are subject to copyright. The material on the Website is protected by copyright under the laws of Australia and through international treaties. Unless otherwise indicated, all rights (including copyright) in the Services and compilation of the Website (including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, button icons, video images, audio clips, Website, code, scripts, design elements and interactive features) or the Services are owned or controlled for those purposes, are reserved by Nomads Rest


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